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Types of Door Closers and Their Importance in Fire Safety

In general, fire safety presupposes a number of precautions necessary to reduce or prevent the likelihood of appearance of fire that may cause property damage, injury, or even death. In addition, the notion of fire safety presupposes the ability to inform those people in a building about the possibility of fire enabling these people to avoid possible injuries and to survive in general. Every person, including a child, should be aware of safety measures which presuppose those that are planned in the process of constructing this or that building, as well as those added to current buildings, and those taught to the people living or working in this building.

One of the recommended fire safety measures is the usage of fire doors. This is the type of doors that has specially designed door closers. Fire doors are mainly installed in public and commercial buildings, nevertheless, can be used in home conditions if this dwelling requires their use. These doors can be used for different purposes the main one of which is keeping a door closed with the intention of limiting the spread of draught and fire throughout the building.

The contemporary market offers door closers of different types ranging from the gate spring up to the more complicated industrial floor springs. One of the widely used types of door closers is an automatic door closer that needs power to work. In contrast to these door closers, a manual door closer requires physical force to operate.

You can choose from three main designs of door closers including jamb-mounted, overhead, and surface mounted. There are closers that can be concealed or installed on the surface. They are also called overhead door closers. And the jamb-mounted closers are those ones which are installed between the door and the doorframe.

Selecting a proper door closer, don't forget to consider a number of further described aspects. The first one is the closer's functionality of this useful device in different fire situations. Some other aspects presuppose resistance to forces which are used to open the closer. Consider also durability of the door closer you're considering, its safety, risk of vandalism and certainly beauty and style.

The electromagnetic door closer requires an electromagnetic force to have it open. As a rule, this type of closer is linked to the building's fire alarm system. One of the greatest advantages of installing an electromagnetic door closer is that it doesn't require the use of wedges or different objects to keep the door open. But after the fire alarm is heard, the door is closed. This very principle is used in electromagnetic free swing but the door is not kept open; it can move with no resistance.

It should be mentioned that the use of door closers is very important in schools, hospitals, and care homes. It's recommended to install the closers with delayed functionality that keeps the door open for a definite period of time after what it starts to close at a certain speed. This system proves to be very helpful for disabled people or people with special needs who use a wheelchair for moving as well as for the elderly people experiencing difficulties with getting through the door before it closes. In addition, this system is efficient in areas where trolleys are applied.

You can also purchase concealed fitting closers which are frequently used in commercial buildings on the entrance doors. They offer both advantages - functionality and the aesthetic look of the door. You can also find those closers that can be concealed into the higher part of the door. Even though it's a good way to hide the closer, a significant part of the door is usually cut away and this reduces the fire security of the door. so, it's advised to talk with a fire-safety consultant whether this type of door closer is really suitable for your house.

A back check action door closet offers enough resistance within it to prevent the door from being open too quickly. With this feature you'll prevent your door, door handles and doorframe from being damaged that usually happens when the door is kicked, thrown open blown open by the strong wind. The resistance and angle of the back check can vary depending on your desire. These closers prove to be useful in hospitals school hallways, and big public buildings.

Disabled, elderly and weak people will undoubtedly appreciate a calm action door closer that makes the door move at a lower speed and force. They are used in such public buildings as schools and hospitals.

The main principle of automatic door closers is that they make the doors open or close when a person in within the definite proximity. It closes when it's safe to do it. This type of closers is generally used in commercial buildings areas, hospitals and local authority buildings.

Overhead door closers are made with the strengths that can be adjusted to cater for the weight and size of the door. The heavier door, the more force is required to operate it. So, choose a door closer according to your preferences and needs.