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Select Body Piercing Jewelry For You! Captive Bead Rings

Body piercing jewelry has become very popular lately. It can beautifully decorate eyebrows, a tongue, ears, lips, as well as other parts of the body including nipples, a navel and even genitals. There're many different types of body piercing jewelry nowadays. A captive bead ring (CBR) is one of the most popular ones. It's represented by a ball closure ring or a captive ball ring. It's in fact, a circle with a bead that looks like a ball and is fitted into the circular wire. Generally, the wire is somewhat smaller in diameter in the point where the bead is located in order to make it immovable within the wire. Although the circle is open the bead won't fall off. The bead can also be fitted in such a way as if it's clamped by the wire.

Science of Captive Bead Rings

The metal wire is strong enough to hold the bead in place so that it doesn't fall off. This wire is usually produced from niobium, surgical stainless steel, or titanium, while he bead is manufactured from ceramic, colored glass or semi-precious stone.

Why Captive Bead Rings Is Popular?

Captive Bead Rings are extremely popular nowadays. This piece of jewelry can be removed when the bead is removed. So, it's rather simple to remove the bead for any person. Nevertheless, the bead won't fall off the ring. What really makes this type of jewelry so popular nowadays is the beauty it offers, as well as its healing peculiarities. Captive Bead Rings have a closed shape and rounded edges.

Another reason why a Captive Bead Ring or Ball Closure Ring is such a popular kind of body piercing jewelry is due to the fact that it can be worn in many ways and emphasized almost any style of clothing. This piece of jewelry can be worn on the nose, at the navel, nipples, lips, etc. It's said, that most of people shop for nipple jewelry, nose jewelry, lip jewelry, eyebrow jewelry as well as for a clit and genitals. These pieces of jewelry don't cause the pain during sexual interactions.

Diverse Definitions

Captive bead ring is often called Ball Closure Ring (BCR) which can be used as an instrument and a piece of jewelry. It has a very attractive shape greatly improving appearance of people wearing it.

As it was mentioned before, a captive bead ring can be used as a piercing instrument, however, it can't be used for tongue piercing. Young people go crazy about the navel jewelry that can be designed in such a way that it can be pierced by a captive bead ring. With a captive bead ring healing comes much faster.

The standard size of the bead ring is determined by the piercing type and your own preferences. A small or large ring opener can be used to open the bead. In order to close the ring, you'll need pliers. These tools aren't required if your ring is acrylic. These rings are easy to open and close by hands.

Acrylic Captive Bead Rings

Usually, Acrylic Captive Bead Rings are produced from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. A Captive Ring is precisioned with a special machine, then it's polished by hands. This ring offers round ends and has high quality.

Designs of Captive bead rings

Almost any traditional shop will offer you the following pieces of jewelry of different designs: 20 gauge nose rings, 18 gauge body jewelry (gauge for nipple piercing), 14k gold captive bead ring, Bead ring, Nipple ring sizing guide, cartridge earrings, Vaginal piercing jewelry, Captive bell non-piercing, Double captive ring body jewelry, Fixed bead ring navel jewelry, belly rings, female Nipple piercing photo jewelries, male genital piercing Captive bead rings.

Special design houses offer important information about infections, crooked naval piercings, etc. They provide their clients with high quality materials including 14k gold, silver, UV reactive acrylic, non-allergic anodized titanium, 316L Surgical Steel, and different organic materials.

Taking Care of the Piercing

Body piercing should be cared like any other body puncture. It's necessary to regularly wipe the crusts with warm water saturated inside a cotton ball. If your wound gets aggravated visit a doctor.