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Chinook dog Temperament and Lifespan

The creator of the Chinook breed was American Arthur Walden. He set out to get the sled dogs of large size, showing not only physical strength during the work, but also high speed. To create these dogs the breeder used Metis Eskimo dog, St. Bernard, and the usual mongrel dog. The first puppies and the basis for the future animals breed were dogs named Ricky and Tikki Tavi. This experiment completed successfully, and Walden got dogs with excellent performance.

New breed was given the name "Chinook" - in honor of the leader of one of his first packs. Incidentally, the Chinook are taught to get accustomed to harness and meet future leader at a very early age. It is known that the Chinook was used in Admiral Byrd's Antarctic expedition and were highly appreciated by its participants. In fact, in one expedition per dog in harness accounted for more than one hundred and fifty pounds of cargo.

Despite such impressive features and Chinook abilities, this breed is so far not recognized by any kennel club. But it must be said that these dogs have a lot of fans who do everything for the development and popularization of the Chinook. The dogs live for about 12-14 years, read more airhawk compressor.

How Much Does a Chinook dog Cost and Price Range

The average price for the dog breed is usually about $500-$800. The price depends on the quality of a dog and on the breeder as well as the place where you are going to buy a dog. The show quality dogs cost more compared to the pet quality dogs.

Chinook dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally Chinook is a large dog with the compact and strong constitution, dense bones, well-muscled and deep chest. The height of an adult representative of the breed at the withers is on average 53-66 cm, the weight can be from 29 to 40 kg. These dogs are characterized by: round shaped head, muzzle with strong jaws and semi-erect ears. Wool covers Chinook tight to the skin, hair is of medium length. The only option in color, common in these dogs is golden-yellow.

Chinook dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Like all working dogs, Chinook is an amazing and hardworking creature which performs tasks perfectly, at any moment it is ready to perform the host's order and take on the most difficult task. Chinook is also a very loyal dog, perfectly copes with the duties of a bodyguard. With this protector you will feel completely safe.

In general, Chinook is friendly, balanced and extremely intelligent animal, which is very pleasant to deal with. Of course, we should not forget that such a dog requires the owner of an active vital position, because due to its mobility it needs a high physical activity and daily sports training.