Is the Penis Size Really Important to Make Your Female Partner Happy and Satisfied?

There is no denial: practically all male persons are suffering from the obsession of a small penis problem. Huge amounts of attention are devoted to the key issue - is the penis size that important for satisfaction of a female partner in bed? No wonder that penis size does matter for males.

What can be said about women in this respect? Does the size actually make them happy or actually it is the other way around?

The opinions have split; some women reply in positive way, others disagree. The controversy of the impressive penis subject seems to have no ending so far. It gives a good subject for various MSM that feature articles on the topic of the size importance time and again, adding some fresh fuel to this topic, which men and women are constantly arguing about. Sometimes, Plexaderm by the way, to raise enough testosterone, for example taking Plexaderm and it will increase your libido.

The truth is that some women actually testify that sometimes size simply does matter, at least for them personally. For instance, Gina from Los Angeles made the following statement:

I have been involved into a relationship with a man who practically in all respects seemed amazing to me. There were so many things in common between us, and we understood each other so perfectly and everything was so great. But the trouble began as soon as we began having sex. The problem as I simply did not feel anything when he was inside of me; he just failed to deliver any perceived contact with my clitoris. His cock does not produce any sensations, no matter how long he stayed inside.

As a matter of things, I used to have an orgasm in just a couple of minutes with other partners. But his cock was too small and I just failed to get excited at all. Probably, I should not be excessively free-spoken and get into specifics, but in this case the penis is about 4 1/2 inches long when erected and very thin. I tried very hard to convince myself that his penis size doesn't really matter for our wonderful relationships, but I cannot help but feel dissatisfaction, since the possibility to have good sex and good orgasms is really essential for me.

Another troubling consideration that was really getting to me was my suspicion that my partner was not feeling much either. Worried by this consideration, I all the time got to the point where I started to feel like less of a woman when I am with him, in addition to my impossibility to climax. I don't really know what to do in such predicament, I can only say that I am definitely confused and upset about the state of our sexual relationship. The most distressing is that guy is a so good match for me in all things except our sex. I love him to death and everything is so great between us, but what can I do about our sex life, which is a disaster?

What can be advised to this couple in such a situation? There are several options open for them. But the most important thing to begin with is that the woman should talk to her partner and explain the problem to him in the most understanding manner, avoiding any accusations and appraisements. Of course, it will require certain determination on her part - just imagine that woman telling her guy that she just fails to feel his penis when they are having sex, - that is really tough part since it is almost guaranteed to put a strain on their relationship, but it should be done and there is no other choice.

But if they come over this most distressing part and actually discuss the issue in calm, loving and understanding way, then they can move on. The second step is to discuss the methods to solve their problem in order to let both partners enjoy satisfying sex they want and need. Penis enlargement is one of the options for the male partner to be decided upon. Penis traction extenders are easily obtainable at most sex toy shops, they can be ordered at Internet shops on-line too. To supplement the intercourse and give additional stimulation to Gina's clitoris the couple can also use small vibrators. The vibrators can come handy at other times as well. The vibrator and oral sex can be successfully applied by Gina's male partner before or after the actual intercourse.

If the couple comes to conclusion that the penis enlargement is more acceptable for them, then Gina's partner can choose from many widely accepted methods of natural penis enlargement. The advantage of those methods is their efficiency in penis enlargement (both length and girth) without necessity to undergo potentially risky penile surgery. Many couples who do not have any knowledge about alternative treatments for penis enlargement stumble against the roadblock of the penile surgery. They are wishing to try penis enlargement since this issue is of vital importance for their relationship, but having no necessary knowledge about modern alternatives they continue suffering or even break up.

Is that the only way out? Definitely the answer is negative. The modern medicine offers a wide range of penis enhancement methods to choose from, such as all-natural herbal pills, patches, penis traction devices and exercises. Are they all the same? Probably, some of them have their own pros and cons? Speaking in general, are they actually worth the money and do they bring beneficial results?

Many companies selling penis enhancement pills aggressively advertise them as the magical remedy to enlarge your penis but is there any truth to that? Do the all-natural penis enhancement pills really work as they are advertised to?

Vitamins offer many sexual benefits but no pill can enlarge your penis on its own. To gain size, pills must be enhanced by a program of natural exercises or by usage of a penis traction device. No pill is able to enlarge your penis size by itself. If you see such an advertisement, you should better run away from any pill that promises so.

If you are really wishing to enlarge your penis with minimal effort, you should apply a penis traction device (often referred to as a penis stretcher) that helps you to enlarge your penis by applying a traction force. The convenience of the device is that you can perfectly control the traction force. In this way, you can make your penis comfortably grow over the time.

The penis stretcher devices are equipped with organically shaped base that fits over the penis and metal bars that run along the shaft, in this way the stretching force is applied to the penis as a whole. To secure the penis a loop is fastened at the penis head (to make it comfortable, foam padding is provided).

When using a traction penis extender you should carefully follow the instructions provided by a manufacturer for any given traction device, in this way you can avoid many potentially harmful side effects, such as scarring and damaged tissue, as compared to surgery. Originally penis extenders were used as supplementary device to stimulate growing tissue after penile enhancement surgery. Today they are used to enlarge the penis without surgery.

Another popular method of natural penis enlargement is exercise techniques. The most popular method is called the Jelq, which contains one-three level exercises that consist of some special types of stretching movements. The good thing about exercises is that they offer a permanent gain in length and girth. The only thing required from a practitioner is determination to practice the system for hours. That calls for more effort in comparison with using a penis traction device.

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