Interview with a Cancer Cell

Excerpt from "Mental Power Diet" and "Mental Power Diet Special Edition"

Nature has its own cure for any disease - including cancer. It has been known for some years now what can help cure cancer and how we can prevent it from developing. All without any side-effects. Yet this knowledge is being repressed : You can believe us when we tell you this - or not believe us.

But ultimately every health-conscious person should be aware of these alternatives and should spend time looking at them :

We conducted an amazing interview with an orthodox medical practitioner who is successful in treating cancer patients with natural, inexpensive alternatives to conventional medicine. And it works: people who were already in a hospice waiting for their end to come are today free of cancer! This doctor asked us on no account to reveal his name for fear of reprisals by the pharmaceutics industry. This is why we decided to present this interview to you as a cynical conversation between an interviewer and a talkative cancer cell. But stay alert: nothing has been fabricated!

P.S. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder characterized by the seizures. The seizures are caused by the excessive electrical discharges in a group of brain cells. Epilepsy is also described as apasmara, which means loss of consciousness. The genetic basis of some epilepsy is mainly in childhood and adolescence. Due to some genes of epilepsy may affect the neurochemical or psychological defects, which need to be prevented. Depending on the various types of epilepsy they may or may not be impair consciousness. If the seizures occur in partial part of the brain, it will slowly spread to the whole brain. When the epilepsy comes sometimes the body will becomes very stiff due to muscle contraction. Epilepsy also occurs in due to like flashing lights, over-breathing, over-hydration, emotion and physical stress. It may occur for both men and women at any age. Mainly it is the most common neurological disorder and it has no age, social or geographical disorders.

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